If you’re thinking of a hog roast for your event, we can cater for up to 200 guests.

Whether you’re on a tight budget and just want a crusty roll with your hog roast, along with the trimmings, served in a napkin for £8 per guest.

Or more of a traditional fayre for up to £12 per guest. Served with salads, pies, potatoes, apple sauce and gravy. Both options will be slow cooked for 10 hours or more, so the pork is simply pulled rather than sliced.

If you do like the sound of a more elaborate feast for your guests, please see our menu below:

Hog Roast, Crusty Rolls, Stuffing, Apple Sauce, Baked or New Potatoes, Gravy and a choice of three Salads.

We have some locally sourced Huntsmans Pies, ideal for your hungrier guests!

Please do ask about our vegetarian options as we like to work within the food seasons.


You can chose three salads from the following options:

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